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SQLBits 2023 – My experience

In the past, I have been hearing a lot of stories about SQLBits. And, this year, I finally was able to experience it myself. Thanks to my current employer, I was allowed to attend SQLBits.

I attended 2 training days and 3 conference days, which basically is the full conference. I can tell, it is definitely worth it. SQLBits is an amazing event, you can meet so many like minded people who all share the same passion and come from all over the world.

I think it is amazing what they do at the conference, you can see that so much effort was done to make sure everyone feels welcome and save. From Bitsbuddies to volunteers running around all day, to community corner events and even daycare. I’m almost forgetting the evening events that were organized, boardgame night, a party, a quiz, or if you want to, meet your trainers for the training days on the day before the actual training during an informal drink at the bar.

I was able to attend a lot of amazing sessions, to meet friends, making new friends and meeting with people I only have been chatting with online. Besides going to a conference, networking at such an event is at least equally important. Everyone is open to have a conversation, share thoughts, provide interesting insights and discuss things even beyond the technical stuff.

To conclude this small blog post, I can say that I will definitely return to SQLBits if I can. Who knows, maybe as a speaker, volunteer or attendee.

Hopefully until next year!

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