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Stop SSIS Package Execution

Problem Statement

Today, I was working on a SSIS Package that executes a Python script for every day I want to retrieve the data. Since I was reloading data for a couple of months in my development environment, the process took quite some time.

I developed my package in Visual Studio 2019 and deployed my changes to my SSIS Catalog (SSISDB in my case). As soon as my SSIS Package was deployed I started the SSIS Package execution.

After a couple of minutes, I realised I made a mistake. I didn’t want to lose too much time, so I looked for a way to stop the SSIS Package Execution.

Since I was not executing the package from a SQL Server Agent Job, I couldn’t just stop the job. So I needed to find another way.

Important to know is that I started my package from the SSIS Catalog. After looking around for a couple of minutes, I finally found a way to stop the current execution.


To stop the running SSIS Package, I navigated to the Integration Services Catalogs section in SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and expanded the section to show my SSIS Catalogs.

To continue, I right-click on my SSIS Catalog (SSISDB in my case) and choose Active Operations.

After I clicked on the Active Operations options, the following window appears

Here I select the SSIS Package Execution I want to stop and click Stop in the right-bottom corner.

After I stopped the package execution, I could see the following result in my SSIS Package All Execution Report:

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