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T-SQL Tuesday #154: SQL Server 2022

T-SQL Tuesday is the brainchild of Adam Machanic (blog). Steve Jones (blog, Twitter) is currently maintaining this amazing initiative.

This month’s topic has been chosen by Glenn Berry (blog, Twitter), “What have you been doing with SQL Server 2022?

My SQL Server 2022 Journey

Near the end of May 2022, SQL Server 2022 Public Preview was announced, a day after I heard, I downloaded the installer and installed SQL Server 2022 locally to play around.

Before starting my journey, I decided to take a look at the new cool features by reading several blog posts and watching some videos online. Just all to make sure that I was aware of which new features would become available.

Since I’m a Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing Teamlead, I want to be on top of new technologies where I (or better said the company I work for) possibly could benefit from. So I started to create a shortlist of features where I wanted to play around with:

  • Link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance, just because we are still working on SQL Server VM’s on Azure and currently don’t have anything like High Availability or real disaster recovery without “downtime”
  • Ledger, just because I think that the use of blockchain benefits sounds interesting (so I would like to investigate out of interest, not for work)
  • Azure Synapse Link, since I’m really interested in Azure Synapse, I want to understand what this feature does and how it works

So, shortlist ready, time to explore, right?

Unfortunately, due to external factors (projects with hard deadlines, first speaking engagement,…), I didn’t get any further than installing SQL Server 2022 for now besides watching a couple of videos and reading some blog posts.

Hopefully, when time allows me, I can start exploring these new features from October onwards.

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  1. By installing it and doing some initial research, you have probably done more than many people so far. I think the main point is to try to learn a little bit about the new features and improvements and then think about whether they might be useful for you and your organization or not.

    Of course, work and life often get in the way of doing that as much as we might like. But you have at least started, which is great.

    Thanks for participating in this month’s T-SQL Tuesday!

  2. Funny thing, when I have seen the announcement about the Ledger, I thought about accounting – that’s because my main professional experience as a developer comes from the banking and public finance sector. Anyway, a short to-do list is better than a long in your case, so don’t give up. Thank you for coming to the party! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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